Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blog junkies of the world, unite!!!

For those who cant live a day without blog, here's something for you to chew on. This blog is created by a blog junkie like me, whose sole purpose here, like all blog, is to confuse you thought, entangle your feeling, outrage your modesty (assuming you have one), insult your intelligence (assuming you hav.....sorry). Interested? Read on........

Like I mentioned, the jackass in me is one big cough (no, not typo) potato. And its taken me ages to get up and crank my komputer t life. Know why? Cos its so infected with zillion of virus that it should be dead in the junkyard for recycled stuff (cos they dont have graveyard for komputers like they do for autos). So the speed of my komputer is like a wounded sloth limping with a broken walking stick.

And anther thng! Dont commnt on my speling, I know it sucks, but thats the way its gonna be if ya wanna read my post.

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